What is real education when it comes to our walk and understanding of God and of His ways? Is it the formal "Bible school" education  we receive where we are schooled into a particular form of thought?


At Sons of Sovereignty, we believe, as Jesus did, that true education when it comes to God, to be something that can only be taught and truly received by the Impartation of Divine Holy Spirit Revelation. is a non-religious school. Therefore we do not focus or provide and kind of formal education. Instead we are a school focusing on developing maturing Sons to walk in the Spirit and to come into the full expression of their uniquely designed destiny.




Allow me a few brief moments in this introduction to share the background  regarding my own ministry with you, as well as the objective with Sons of Sovereignty.


My journey of service in the Holy Spirit began in 1990 and it has been a journey that is continuously evolving over the years. It brought me out from the perceived ideas of what many preachers today are boxed into and come to believe regarding what ministry should be and how it is supposed to be conducted. This journey has gracefully introduced me to understand the value that God places upon each of His children, because of the Value He has deposited in each of us, as His sons upon the earth.




I came to see and understand that what He had in mind was more than just "a few good men" out there, through whom He wanted to give expression of Himself. He did not only want a few brushes to paint a few strokes on the canvas with, He wanted every single brush — tall, thin, short and broad — wherewith to paint the Masterpiece of His Presence in this world, in every little hue, colour, shadow and detail, to give full expression to the Vision that He wanted the world to see of Himself, through His sons.


I also came to understand that true and Authentic ministry was quite different from a lot of the perceived ideas that religion has painted for us!


It was not at all about how well we could preach, it was all about how deeply we could Influence! The key to all true ministry is Christ expressing Himself to Influence mankind to change, and it is to what extent it is possible for Him to do so through us, as His sons, that really matters!




Some time ago the Holy Spirit began sharing His heart with me, speaking about SOS, and how He wanted a school where He could bring His children to mature into SONSHIP. Where He would cause them to discover their true Identity in Him. It would be a school where maturing sons of the Spirit would learn to function as mature sons in the Spirit.


Where they would find their true unique position and expression as sons of the Father in the world surrounding them every day.




In my book "Deep-Coding the Apostolic", you will come to learn a lot about the true ministry and mission of the apostolic. You will discover why sons were never called to be sons of men or of leaders, and why apostles are not called to be "fathers" of sons —  but instead are called to mentor God's children into maturity to become authentic sons of the Holy Spirit!


It is from this understanding that SOS is a school of the Holy Spirit inspiring His sons to walk in their unique frequency and design, becoming the unique expression the Father intended for them to be in the earth.




My function as an "apostle" is no more than being a voice, a sent messenger, a missionary of the Holy Spirit — sent on a mission to release a New Sound whereby the Holy Spirit wants to bring Revelation and Impartation, to lead us into becoming a generation of sons, who will rise into our true Identity to become His Sons of Sovereignty in the earth today.


That is really all apostles are — missionary messengers of the Holy Spirit,  sent to bring new Revelation and relevant Impartation to the Body of Christ on earth.




Sons of Sovereignty is not an exclusive "clan" or club to be "joined". It is a New Sound being released that speaks to the Body of Christ, wherever His Body may be, across the earth, and calling those "who have ears to hear", to hear what the Spirit is saying in our times.




Sons of Sovereignty is a non-religious Holy Spirit School that does not provide any kind of formal religious education. It is purely a transformational school that operates by impartation of the Spirit by inner—Revelation. It is a school of the Spirit that speaks from a Spiritual dimension, where the Holy Spirit imparts what we need to see, hear and understand, and as we come into the place of having the eyes of our understanding being opened — we are transformed into the very Revelation being communicated in us.




It is my mission, as others will have their unique missions at this time,  to release this school apostolically in the earth, as a New Sound of the Holy Spirit, releasing that which He wants produce in the earth — which is His Sons of Sovereignty.


Every child born in this earth is conceived and received as a child, but in every child lives a predestined son of Glory! The Holy Spirit is seeking to draw His sons out. He is doing so by a process of drawing them out of their natural position, out of the identity of who the world has defined them as, and out of the lower state religion has branded them to become. Out of their natural position of understanding, and out of the natural operation of who they have been programmed to be —  to come into the position of His Sovereign purpose and unique destiny for them, influencing them to become the unique expression of who they originally were created to be.




He seeks to do this so they will stand in the earth as the original creation and intent of who they really are — positioned in their original identity as sons of the Spirit — and from that position, to become those sons in the earth through whom He can release His Frequency — the original Sound and Expression of His Person being mirrored in them.




Sons of Sovereignty is not a school that equips you IN ministry or FOR ministry — IT IS A SCHOOL THAT EQUIPS YOU TO MINISTRY — the difference being, that this school does not teach you how to "do ministry", but develops and produces YOU as a ministry.


You become the Frequency through which the Holy Spirit is able to manifest Himself and express Himself in a unique way by His Person and Power.




Gone are the days where it is about our ministry work for Him! Now it is all about His ministry work through us! Gone are the days of having built understanding from the natural realm of human perception and the teachings of men — called revelation —  without truly being inspired by the Spirit of God Himself.


Today the Holy Spirit is demolishing those old religious regimes and schools of thought.


He now calls forth His sons to come to the place of becoming unique, individual expressions of His Spirit.




In this new model, Deep calls onto deep — Deep tells the deep place in you and in me that there is a Deeper place in God that we need to ascend into — and there is a Supernatural drawing birthed in us to come closer to God — not for the sake of entertainment, not for the sake of the spectacular, but purely for the sake of coming into a deeper understanding of Him in me and in you, so we may become a greater expression of Him in the earth. The ministry produced from that is AUTHENTIC IN EXPRESSION!


It is no longer about the things WE DO FOR God that we want Him to come and Anoint. It is all about HIM expressing HIMSELF by His Divine Influence through us, and as the Frequency is sounded in us — we become the Frequency impacting and our world.


Sons of Sovereignty brings maturing sons into a place of Divine fellowship and Divine Union, so that from that place, Divine expression may be given.




The world around us is changing fast — 2020 is a milestone year. 2030 will be also. We will see what unfolds in the world around us in between, and what kind of demands are going to be placed upon us in being able to travel or even just to gather corporately.


There is spiritual working out of darkness presently working in this natural world, where satan wants to usher his agenda into the world and imprison people as never before— and there is a Supernatural dimension of the Spirit working as well, where God is protecting and preparing us,  to keep us from becoming enslaved in a system that will draw and influence people towards the anti— Christ, and towards the movement that has already been set into motion.




This school is not dependent upon church meetings. Or upon signs, wonders and miracles. This school is not dependent on me flying, or having a conference in your area. This school is dependent on one thing only, and that is a Frequency. Because within that is contained the Power, the Revelation, and the Impartation, to transform — carried in a Frequency and through sound, and that is all that we need — a sound wave. A Spirit—wave!


Whether it is transmitted in the way that we are communicating right now, or verbally. Or if all of these mediums had to somehow be blocked — God will supersede every obstacle in the Spirit, and allow us to Impart into each other across borders, and beyond the scope of the possibilities of communication limited to our world as we know it.


He is able for my spirit to connect with your spirit, in your nation, and to release Divine Revelation in you, to be communicated through you.




This is where we are going. We are moving to a level where the Spirit will be able to work, communicate and operate in and through us, with us remaining invisible in this world!!


In this new season of the Spirit, healing and many miracles will be manifested without us being in the presence of people who need them, being performed purely by the release of the Frequency of the Holy Spirit!


Just as Philip was translated in the Spirit and could stand before a crowd where a great work of the Holy Spirit broke out, so we in the coming days will again operate from the dimension of unlimited potential is the Spirit, unhindered in the expression of the Life and the Power of the Holy Spirit.


The Spirit will be able to reach people and places and bring Divine Influence into areas, without us even having been present there.


Just think about Jesus, releasing a Word to a person sick in an adjacent town, and how by just releasing the Frequency and Sound of the Spirit, the man returned home finding his daughter made whole.


It is that level of Divine understanding in the Spirit and Divine operation by the Spirit, which God is restoring in this time.




Only sons who have ears to hear,  who discern and understand the working of the Spirit and the dimension of the Spirit, will be able to access and operate within this realm.




There is an apostolic Sound, a New Sound — a new Frequency — much higher in dimension, being released to operate in the earth today — and God is preparing us now, as sons, to step into that dimension for times and season ahead of us, where more and more restrictions will come in this world.




God is giving us a spiritual platform, a spiritual audience and Spiritual Influence that will cause us to supersede all restrictions in the natural realm, to be able to operate in the Power and the Authority of His Kingdom in the earth.


I believe that what you have just heard will resonate on the inside of you and that you will understand what the Holy Spirit’s program is —  and as it does resonate — I want to join hands with you, and I want to say to you, let us allow the Holy Spirit to take us on this journey together.


Receive the Impartation, receive what God is sending, release it in your area in the way that the Holy Spirit is going to Inspire you, as to how, where and to whom.


Let us carry the Heart, the Vision and the mission of the Spirit into the earth, in an hour where both the systems of the world and of religion are shaking!


- Johann VD Hoven


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