Towards the close of 2019, a strong prophetic Word went forth as the Holy Spirit declared a new season of Visitation that would begin in 2020 and escalate into 2023.


Shortly after the beginning of 2020,  the Holy Spirit began speaking to me regarding this new season that was about to he launched. He spoke about South Africa,  Africa and the nations, and how He was about to walk through the nations with "Flaming Feet of Fire".


He said that He would walk across this continent in His sons, whom He would prepare to do so. They,  as torch carriers of the Holy Spirit,  would become those through whom Africa would be baptised in the Holy Spirit and Fire.


Then He gave me an instruction.  He said, "Go and gather them, and prepare them to go!"


For many years I have been called to allow the Holy Spirit to walk through my life and ministry with His Flaming Feet of Fire, and to leave footsteps of Fire wherever He would lead me and send me to go.


We saw marvelous things and experienced extraordinary meetings wherever we were led to go. Signs, Wonders and Miracles earmarked our ministry, together with an unusually tangible Presence of the Holy Spirit in our meetings. Many saw Jesus standing on the podiums where we would minister, and sometimes two and three people would approach me after a meeting, describing exactly how He looked and what colour the raiment was that He wore, and all three would accurately describe Him in the exact same manner, without knowing of another.


Many times the Glory of the Holy Spirit became visible as Pillars would appear under the lights, or the entire tent or hall would be clouded in a Supernatural Mist. So many wonderful Signs, Wonders and extraordinary miracles  and even creative miracles, were manifested in our meeting. Children, youngsters and adults were baptised in the Holy Spirit and Fire and would spent hours being carried away in the Spirit.


Today, the Holy Spirit is calling me to lead others into their own unique design and destiny, to share the secrets the He had shared with me during the past thirty years of being in varied ministries within the fivefold, as well as serving in business as a ministry and seeing the same Anointing in operation there, producing miracle upon miracle in an environment outside of the tradition of the church world!


My ministry and that which the Holy Spirit has developed in me through practical tuition and by Revelation of His Wisdom, deposited in me - today, has become the Supernatural Seed He seeks to pour out of me into the lives of others, so they also may come to experience Him in the reality of His Person, and in the realms of the Supernatural expression of His Being.


The Vision that the Holy Spirit has entrusted to me is to raise up Sons of Sovereignty. To teach them how to walk in the realm of the Holy Spirit.  To allow Him to Supernaturally impart into them, and to sow the rich Seed of Revelation in them, so that they will become the fruit of what they hear, see, experience and practically come to learn in Revelation of the Holy Spirit.


God is raising up Sons - Sons of Glory - Sons of the Holy Spirit - Sons of Sovereignty! Sons who will be empowered and equipped by the Holy Spirit to walk across Africa, and the nations, with Flaming Feet of Fire! Holy Spirit torches, spreading the Fire of His Love across continents, setting men and women Ablaze with the reality of the Life of Christ, encountered in Person!


The season has come, the great last day awakening is here, sons are being prepared. Soon they shall carry the Glory of God across the nations, until the whole earth shall be filled with His Glory, as Flaming Feet of Fire touches the globe!


At present Sons of Sovereignty is ministering to maturing sons in 9 nations spanning four continents, and we are expanding daily.


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