Johann & Theresa VD Hoven

Can your life be more than you imagine?

Each one of us has been purposefully created to be a unique expression of who we were destined to be, and what we were designed to do with the gift of time we have been given here on earth.  

The root for most of the frustration, unhappiness and depression  that people all over the world experience every day, is seated in our inability to recognise our own destiny and design. Because we do not know our identity and who we were intended to become. most of us sadly become the product of someone else's idea of who we should be, what we should do and how we should live.

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Rediscover Your Origin

The secret to living a life abounding with love, peace and fulfillment begins in discovering God's original plan for you.

Our mission is to share the keys that  unlock these answers in your life and to inspire you to live the life you were intended to live, as the unique, Gifted and Radiant individual you were intended to become.

Live Your True Potential

There is nothing on earth whereby your potential can be measured. 

You are far more than anything on earth can measure you to be. No IQ or EQ can determine the true latent potential that has been formed in you. 

It is time for you to discover the truth about who you truly are and to explore the hidden potential in you!

Manifest Your Glory

God created many things for His Glory. There is however one part of His creation that He did not create for His Glory.

Man however was created to be more than the rest of His creation. He created man, not for His Glory - but AS His Glory!

You have been formed by Him as a marvel, a miracle, a sign and a wonder - a living witness to His Life being given expression through you!

Join me on this special journey of allowing you to discover how to live your life the way God intended for you to live.

Modules - Full Series
Sons of sovereignty origin series

The Origin series is a unique journey of discovery into the wonder of God's plan with you and for your life. Discover who you truly are from His perspective and what God had envisioned for your life, as you come to experience His destiny, design and plan with you!

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Sons of Sovereignty Meeting at CitC
Life-transforming Seminars

Invite Johann and Theresa van der Hoven to minister at your church, or in your local city.

Experience the power of Truth liberating your life at these powerful events. Experience the power of Revelation and the manifesting power of God, as He releases you into new dimensions of His Glory!

Experience prophetic encounters, apostolic impartation, and see how lives are mended by the healing, restoring and delivering power of God.