Welcome to Sons of Sovereignty

Welcome to Sons of Sovereignty, where we serve and minister to maturing Sons, leading them by Inspiration and the Divine Influence of the Holy Spirit to live their lives to become all that they were imagined and dreamed to become.

Where Your life can be so much more than you imagine!

Each one of us has been purposefully created to be a unique expression of who we were destined to be, and what we were designed to do with the gift of time we have been given here on earth.  

The root for most of the frustration, unhappiness and depression  that people all over the world experience every day, is seated in our inability to recognise our own destiny and design. Because we do not know our identity and who we were intended to become. most of us sadly become the product of someone else's idea of who we should be, what we should do and how we should live.

SOS is a place where:

-  Lives are healed and dreams are restored

-  Kingdom Sons are raised to their full potential

-  Kingdom Culture in Inspired

-  The Character, Nature and Personality of God is developed within His Sons

-  Where Gifts are explored and nurtured.

-  Where Sons are led to walk in the irrefutable Authority of Christ, having undeniable access to all things and to live in Kingdom Dominion on earth.

SOS presents:

-  SOS Kingdom Books

-  SOS Podcasts

-  SOS Kingdom Institute




There is a journey for each one of us to undertake, a journey that leads to discovering who we truly are and why we are here. A journey of coming to find our true inner-potential and losing our fears to step into the life we were destined and designed to live.

Experience the joy of living a happy, meaningful and fullfilled life - join us on this JOURNEY.

Life-transforming Seminars
"Roadshow" 2021

We would absolutely love for you to either invite us for a seminar, or to come and join us at one of our own.

Our seminars is a time of inner-healing and restoration, wherein to discover so much more about life and about yourself, than what you may have encountered. Our setting is non-religious and open for anyone to attend and what we talk about at these seminars is relative to our every day lives, although being impactful and life-altering in the value it presents to those who attend.


Have you experienced a dissapointment that has left you wounded, or that has destroyed your vision and confidence for the future? Then we invite you to come to these seminars and to find the healing balm of God's Love and the restoring Power of His Spirit to inspire you to reach higher heights than ever before! It's time for you to dream again! 

Come and experience life in a whole new dimension from a practical and yet extraordinary perspective!