Is Working Hard At What You Believe In. - Johann VD Hoven

Welcome to Kingdom-Preneurs!

What does it take to make it in business and to become a success?

Sons of Sovereignty Business Refining School and the "Kingdom-Preneurs" course shares these secrets with you from the Kingdom's perspective, assisting you to develop the kind of business understanding, personal drive, knowledge of people, communication skills and business ethic, to make a success of your dream to become a successful Kingdom-entrepeneur. 

“Do something today that your future-self will thank you for tomorrow.”

What Attracts People In Business?

80% or more of your success in business and in advancing in any career, is directly influenced by who you are and how you present yourself to others. 

Authenticity is key in your success! Simply to 'act the part' is never going to bring you where you want to go, practicing business by simply 'faking it', is short-sighted vision that will not serve your future well. 

You have to become the real deal! You have to grow in your character, your personality, your expertise, your skill and in the presentation of yourself as an individual. You have to become the individual in whom others would be willing to invest, before they will invest in your product. You have to become the face of your product, providing your clients with the confidence they need to have the faith to invest in your product.

Your product, business idea or career needs of your personality and skillful presentation to introduce it to those who will obtain it.

At SOS Business Finishing School, we aim to help you to develop into the kind of person that employers will desire to have in their team.

For those who aim to begin their own business, we do the same, ensuring that you will become an entrepreneur that will be highly successful, relevant and accomplished in the global marketplace.

“ The most successful people are those who refuse to stop growing!"  

- Johann VD Hoven
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Sons of Sovereignty is a school where you learn about yourself. 

Where you discover who you truly are, what gifts and talents lies dormant within you, and how to find the keys to unlock the hidden potential in your life and apply it in the way you were designed to do so. 

It is a journey of discovering your purpose, your destiny and living your life in a meaningful and fulfilling way.
- Johann G VD Hoven