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Do you realise that you are ETERNAL, and that the word eternal means INFINITE, or without beginning or end? That is right! You came out of an Eternal Creator Who breathed His Spirit-Life into you. You are Spirit of His Spirit and therefore you are Eternal and Infinite! 

In fact, you are Eternal Consciousness (Eternal in your being and in your true awareness), living in a temporary state of existence that is a momentary experience called "life", on a temporary place, called "earth", within a passing state, called time, to accomplish a Eternal mission as your destiny, before you will vacate this present experience to be rejoined with your Eternal state of being and your Creator!

Discovering Your True Destiny

There is so much that God intends for us to understand about our time here in earth, and unless we have the desire to find out where we originate from, why we are here and why Jesus really came and what it really was that He came to accomplish for us, enabling us to become and to do, we may miss the entire reason, purpose and wonder, that He intended for us to come to know and experience as "LIFE" - and more than that - We may leave here without ever becoming who we were "born-again" to become and to accomplish on this planet!

Fundamental Truths That Define You

These are the questions that hold the answers to the fundamental truth that defines you! And these are the answers that we explore with each one attending our sessions.

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Sons of Sovereignty is a school where you learn about yourself. 

Where you discover who you truly are, what gifts and talents lies dormant within you, and how to find the keys to unlock the hidden potential in your life and apply it in the way you were designed to do so. 

It is a journey of discovering your purpose, your destiny and living your life in a meaningful and fulfilling way.
- Johann G VD Hoven